October 2016
ExtraHop Trace Workflow

ExtraHop 6.0 Is Here to Revolutionize Your Workflow

What if you could find any information you needed about your IT environment, from metrics and flows right down to individual packets, in 5 clicks or less?

With ExtraHop 6.0, you can. Read our blog post on What's New in ExtraHop 6.0, then download the ExtraHop Overview Whitepaper for the complete picture of what's possible with our platform.

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IT Monitoring Buyer's Guide: The Questions You Must Ask Before Buying an APM or NPM Solution

There's a lot of marketing fluff around IT products, and the tech is so complex that it can be hard to get straight answers from vendors, let alone hold them accountable to their performance claims. We worked with the Enterprise Strategy Group to assemble this buyer's guide, so you can ask the right questions and get the info you need before you cut a check.

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Arif Kareem

Why The Network is Eating The Enterprise

The network is poised to become the most critical source of information, and an engine of enormous growth for a new era of business. Learn what's coming, and how you can be at the forefront of this enterprise transformation, in this post by ExtraHop CEO Arif Kareem.

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See through IT Vendor Hype

INFOGRAPHIC: Seeing Through IT Vendor Hype

IT vendors blow a lot of smoke about the performance, capabilities, and affordability of their products. Too often, the actual product doesn't live up to the expectations the vendors set. We don't want to fall into that trap, so we commissioned a 3rd party to rigorously test the ExtraHop platform and make sure our claims about price, performance, and capabilities hold true.

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VMUG Webinar

Upcoming Webinar: ExtraHop + VMware = Transformative Analytics

Virtualization has brought flexibility and power to IT, but along with it came added complexity. To assure peak performance in your virtualized systems, you need the ability to correlate data across tiers, including VMs, applications, operating systems, network and storage. ExtraHop can help. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how.

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Ransomware Demo

Interactive Demo: Ransomware Detection and Prevention

We've developed a novel method of detecting ransomware on your network in real time, and preventing it from doing further damage. Learn how it works in a real-world, hands-on scenario in our new online interactive demo.

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Survey Says: ExtraHop Ranks Highly on Net Promoter Score

ExtraHop in Action

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Enhanced Active Directory Monitoring V2.2
Splunk Bundle
User & Server Correlation for ICA connections (w/ latency)

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