December 2016
Gartner Blame Report

New Gartner Report: How to Evolve Beyond a Blame-Network-First Culture

Gartner's new report gets to the heart of a harmful trend in IT teams:

"A blame-network-first culture inhibits collaboration and encourages network teams to use data from their own IT operations monitoring tools to prove their own innocence, instead of assisting in cross-team problem resolution."*

*Source: Gartner, "How to Evolve Beyond a Blame-Network-First Culture," Sanjit Ganguli, 24 June 2016

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Network Teams Need a Better Workflow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Typical packet analysis workflows take forever. You download a few gigs of packets, it takes Wireshark five minutes to open the file, five more to run a basic search or filter, five more to run another one. Hours later, maybe you actually find what you were looking for.

ExtraHop's workflow is a lot faster (see evidence here), so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time building new things that matter.

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Data Value Equation

The Equation For Data Value and Information Superiority

How do you know if your efforts at being a "data-driven business" are really working? How do you calculate the amount of value you're getting out of your data?

If these are questions you're thinking about, we've got an equation for you.

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Wire Data Lightboard

Data Source Smackdown: Log Data vs. Wire Data

Want to know the difference between wire data and logs, and why one of them is dramatically more useful when it comes to optimizing network performance and security?

This lightboard video has it covered.

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Malicious Scans

How To Recognize Malicious Network and Port Scanning

Network scans and port scans are often the first reconnaissance measures leading up to malicious cyberattacks. However, these types of scans aren't inherently hostile!

Detecting network and port scans, and knowing the difference between normal and malicious, is vital for averting advanced persistent threats in your infrastructure. Refresh yourself on the basics with our new post.

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Datacenter Migration

New Datacenter and Application Migration and Consolidation Guide

Migrating datacenters and apps grows more complex by the day as cloud products, virtualization, containerized apps, and shared workloads become the norm.

Soon, network monitoring will be the only way to get the visibility you need to assure success when migrating, consolidating, or updating your datacenter environment.

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Interactive Demo

Interactive Demo: Real-User Experience Monitoring

Real-User Monitoring is what it takes to understand exactly how your users experience your websites and applications, in real time, so you can improve the experience and delight your customers.

See how ExtraHop makes Real-User monitoring easy in our interactive online demo.

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ExtraHop in Action

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