What’s the issue in your IT environment that you need to solve fast? (Everyone has one.) Our customers tell us that the support and training they get from ExtraHop is unparallelled, so we want to make sure you know about all of the tools and resources available.

We’ve got you covered with everything from Atlas Remote Analysis for your environment, to resources like technical blog posts, webinars, online and in-person training, and much, much more.

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Save on Atlas Reports

Get an unbiased analysis of your environment, and see exactly where making improvements will pay big dividends—delivered in a report that’s easy to digest and share. And now we’re offering limited-time savings, too.

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How Wire Data Ups the Ante for Real-Time IT Monitoring

Learn why stream analytics are an absolute must for any long-term enterprise IT strategy in this discussion with Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh, analyst Mark Madsen, and ExtraHop SVP of Marketing, Erik Giesa.

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How to Use ExtraHop's REST API with Java

Learn how to use our REST API to retrieve active devices and more. You’ll get detailed instructions with plenty of screenshots, plus a link to the complete code.

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ExtraHop tutoring: your hour of power

Have a burning question about your environment, or want to learn more about using ExtraHop? Dive in with one of our trainers for a one-hour tutoring session. You’ll get targeted guidance for you and up to five team members.

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What customers are saying

"Without ExtraHop and the Atlas reports, we'd need to increase the headcount on our infrastructure team by at least thirty to forty percent in order to manage our growing and increasingly complex infrastructure. ExtraHop really is our navigator, our Atlas. With it, we're avoiding about $600,000 a year in staffing costs alone."
—David Higginson, CIO, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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