If IT teams don’t get their environments under control, someone else might. And not in a good way.

Case in point: one healthcare organization recently used ExtraHop to detect and stop a ransomware attack before the hackers could do any real damage. Read the full story here.

That visibility makes day-to-day heros, too. Keep reading or check out the interactive demo to see how.

The NSA’s Worst Nightmare

The NSA doesn't speak out very often about how they hack networks, so when they do, we like to take very good notes.

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Keeping Kids a Top Priority

At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, ExtraHop Atlas Reports deliver the freedom to focus more on the kids and less on the technology.

How do Atlas Reports help?

How Much Data Does the Super Bowl Create?

A wildly speculative estimate of the mind-boggling amount of data created by one event, one day, once a year.

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2015: The Year the Data Breach Got Personal

Another day, another data breach. But in 2015, a different type of data breach moved to the forefront. This time, it’s personal.

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A groggy network ops team finally gets a good night’s sleep. Watch video


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"[ExtraHop] provides unrivaled visibility when looking to understand what’s happening in our infrastructure and applications."
—Peter Draper, IT Operations Manager, Portsmouth NHS Trust (via TechValidate)

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