September 2016
Signal vs. Noise

How to Get More Signal & Less Noise in your SIEM System

Many companies are investing heavily in Security Information and Event Management platforms, then struggling to get them operationalized. Adding stream analytics and wire data can drastically improve the signal-to-noise ratio in your SIEM system. Learn how in our new whitepaper.

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Ransomware Mitigation

How to Recover Ransomware-encrypted Files from a Packet Capture

The chance that ransomware will get past your perimeter and inside your network at some point is high. Even with backups, you might lose recent work. With ExtraHop you can recover full copies of encrypted files, exactly as they were the instant before ransomware got to them, right from a PCAP file.

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Interative Demo Threat

Interactive Demo of Real-Time Threat Detection with ExtraHop

Observing activity on your network in real time allows you to detect malicious actors probing your system for weakness before they actually breach you. Try our interactive guided demo to learn how to detect ICMP probing, database brute forcing, and more Bad Stuff™ on your network.

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ransomware prevention webinar

Ransomware Prevention Webinar Recording Available (Free)

A few weeks ago, we hosted a webinar on ransomware prevention and mitigation techniques, and it received a huge amount of interest and positive feedback. If you missed it, you can now view the recording on our website!

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VMware Control

Take Control of Your VMware Environment

ExtraHop and VMware make it easier to remain in control as your organization transitions into the software-defined data center (SDDC). Learn about our new integration and see how wire data + VMware operations can transform your IT.

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Good Reads

Diagnosing and Troubleshooting TCP Silly Window Syndrome

Find Network Configuration Problems by Monitoring for Unicast Flooding

Manage and Monitor VMware Containerized Apps with ExtraHop

ExtraHop in Action

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