January 2017
Healthcare Ebook

Healthcare's Top Three Pain Points (And How to Solve Them)

We like to hit the ground running when it comes to problem-solving for the new year. Let's start with Healthcare!

To learn where it hurts, we asked Healthcare IT professionals around the world about their biggest frustrations with the industry… and then we came up with a few prescriptions for each common pain point.

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The Year in Ransomware: Past, Present, and Future

Give yourself a security boost for 2017 by staying in the loop on how ransomware has evolved over the past 12 months, plus what you should look out for in the new year!

ExtraHop systems engineering manager Tom Roeh looks into the ransomware abyss to give you a summary of where it's been, and his predictions for where it's going.

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TCP No Delay

How to Make Your TCP/IP Performance Purr

TCP is the lynchpin of your network, and if you could use a tune-up we're here to help.

This guide covers everything from Nagle's Algorithm (and when you shouldn't use it!) to TCP_NODELAY, as well as offering step-by-step directions for how to test your network for TCP performance issues.

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Engineer Watching Paint Dry

Video Smackdown: PCAP Workflow vs. Wire Data Workflow

Or, a 5-minute demonstration of exactly how much more free time you'll enjoy if you stop relying on PCAP analysis for forensic packet evidence.

SE Manager Dan Greer compares a common PCAP troubleshooting workflow using Wireshark to the same process using ExtraHop. How much time do you want to save?

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Identity Infrastructure

Identity Infrastructure: What You Need & How to Get It

It's crucial that you maintain a strong identity infrastructure that can keep your information safe without compromising on efficiency.

This white paper unpacks the current challenges your organization faces, from data security to information siloes between systems, before helping you figure out the most effective way to step up your identity infrastructure game!

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CIO's Perspective on Ransomware

A CIO's Perspective: Ransomware, Phishing, and Public Shaming

Ransomware aside, even theoretically tech-savvy employees are likely to click a fake link. How do you get the message across to those outside of IT, and how do you handle malware when it inevitably sneaks in?

ExtraHop CIO John Matthews gets real on ransomware, phishing, and his most effective methods for keeping a workplace secure.

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Interactive Demo

Interactive Demo: Advanced Persistent Visibility

Wire data is an invaluable resource when it comes to modern threat intelligence, whether you need real-time visibility into lateral traffic or early warnings about abnormal activity in your environment.

See how ExtraHop enables Advanced Persistent Visibility in our interactive online demo!

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ExtraHop in Action

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The NSA's 6 Phase Playbook for Hacking Networks

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