November 2017

The Ideal Dashboard

Gartner Report

How to Build an Ideal Performance Monitoring Dashboard

How would your NetOps team describe your network? More importantly, would your Security team’s vision match your NetOps team’s version, or would they lose if they were paired together in Pictionary?

“The goal of an ideal monitoring dashboard is to unify the disparate silos within IT, with a common location and source of truth to discern performance and health information.”
—Sanjit Ganguli, Pankaj Prasad, Vivek Bhalla, “How to Build an Ideal Performance Monitoring Dashboard,” September 15, 2017

Solving a problem requires being able to accurately envision it, but it also means everyone needs to work from the same baseline. How much more efficient could your enterprise be if your Security, Network, and IT teams shared a vision based on the same data points? Gartner’s latest report offers insight into how to ensure your teams are all on the same page and fighting on the same side.

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An ExtraHop Overview

Our last newsletter covered some of the exciting new features rolling out in 7.0, but we’ve got more details in this datasheet-- if you’re the kind of reader who likes the nitty gritty details (hint: if you’re reading this newsletter, this is for you.)

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From The Blog

The Challenge of Proactive Visibility in Healthcare

Whether it’s understanding all medical devices connected to the network, or ensuring network connectivity for remote clinics and offices, many medical organizations are choosing ExtraHop to improve network visibility.

How can you close visibility gaps, and pivot from reactive to proactive visibility? Read on to find out

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The Latest Information

Like Soylent Green, the Secret Ingredient to Tech Success is People

Our CEO, Arif Kareem, spoke at the Geekwire summit on the importance of building a strong team. "You can have the best strategy, but it's the people that are going to execute the strategy. At the end of the day the best team wins."

It's no coincidence that ExtraHop has been named one of Seattle's 100 best places to work, as well as one of the best places to launch a career for 2018 by financial advisor Wealthfront.

Stay Fearless With A Webinar

Extend Your Network Visibility

Want to improve your remote site network monitoring, but not sure where to start? Want to hear from someone who’s done it before?

In this webinar, we’ll cover how Portland Community College faced this challenge—expanding network visibility and aggregating network traffic from remote sites, all while adhering to a tight budget. (Spoiler alert: access to instant dashboards and historic metrics made network monitoring simpler than ever. And what happened to their budget will shock you!*)

*They stayed under budget

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Extra, Extra! Driving Competitive Advantage with Data

Network teams are under increasing pressure to drive business with strategic initiatives, but often don’t have timely access to the right data to make educated decisions-- or the time between putting out fires.

We asked 100 system, application, and infrastructure executives how they’re dealing with these challenges, and we came away with some valuable insights. We compiled their responses into this whitepaper, Driving Competitive Advantage with Data-Driven IT. For peer-sourced ideas on how to proactively improve IT monitoring, read on

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