December 2017

Data Driven

Survey Results

What’s Driving Your IT Department?

It’s hard to come up with strategic business initiatives when you’re busy putting out fires, but that’s the situation many Network teams find themselves in.

We asked 100 system, application, and infrastructure executives how they’re becoming more proactive and data-driven, and compiled their responses into this white paper. For peer-sourced ideas on how to move past firefighting, look no further.

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Case Study

Wire Data in Wood County

Wood County Hospital had a crack security team already in place, but they were missing one very important factor—visibility. ExtraHop provided that much needed element, along with more than $70,000 annual savings as a nice bonus. Here’s what they uncovered within the first week.

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Detecting Ransomware

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A New Look at Detecting Ransomware

As ransomware continues to grab both data and headlines, security remains at the forefront of healthcare IT’s task list. To proactively address this, one large university hospital system turned to two ExtraHop products: Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) as well as the ExtraHop Ransomware Bundle. Their modifications came with some immediate, surprising results.

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How Machine Learning Can Make Sense of Data Volume

We all want to be more “data-oriented,” (see the headlining feature!) but can it be too much of a good thing? If you’re taking hours to sift through to the useful stuff, it might be. In this crowd-sourced whitepaper from Wikibon, industry leaders give their opinions on how to find the signal in the noise, and how you can utilize machine learning.

Stay Fearless With Addy

ExtraHop Addy: Your New Security Guard

Concerned about data security in the Cloud? Addy has you covered. Our machine learning program is now available for the Cloud, so you can detect anomalies and analyze network traffic, all while keeping your data securely stored on premise. Read on to find out how it works.

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Flip the Funnel for More Effective Security

In this guest blog, our security advisor, Josh Goldfarb, explains what it means to flip the alert funnel: make your security operations more effective by changing your strategy to focus on the areas of greatest impact, leading to more reliable, better prioritized security alerts.

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