February 2017
Real Time Healthcare Report

Gartner's Industry Vision: The Real-Time Health System

Gartner's recent research into the future of healthcare IT offers an insightful, detailed take on how and why providers must embrace a new organizational model.

Achieving Gartner's vision of the Real-Time Health System is no easy task, but this report includes in-depth industry analysis and prescriptive guidance to help you get started.

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Handshake Acquisition

What AppDynamics' Acquisition Means for IT Analytics

Last week Cisco acquired APM vendor AppDynamics for almost double their IPO valuation. What does this surprise acquisition mean for the analytics industry? For the market? For your organization?

ExtraHop CIO Arif Kareem briefs on you everything you need to know about the deal, its impact on IT analytics, and what's going to happen next.

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Datacenter Migration

Data Center Migration: A Fine Line Between Anxiety & Success

Looking to migrate or consolidate your data center in 2017? Tune into this webcast and take the stress out of migration with these tricks, tips, and strategies from ExtraHop!

We'll help you avoid unnecessary downtime, keep track of performance before, during, and after migration, and guarantee a smooth experience for your end users.

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IT Heroes

Help Us Do Better: 1-Minute Industry Research on NPM

Are you part of the Networking team? Do you have 60 seconds to answer 5 short questions about how your team operates and what you wish were different?

Take the survey and help us help you! We'll analyze the results, package them up along with broader industry trends and recommended readings, and help you plan for the future with both specific and big picture insights.

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Finger on the Pulse

How to Keep Your Finger on a Transatlantic Pulse

ExtraHop's latest case study follows an international distributor active on four continents. From AsiaPac to Europe, Lyreco maintains two massive data centers with significant pressure to keep everything running, all the time, on two sides of the world. No biggie.

How did they decide on ExtraHop, and how's it working out so far?

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Demo Scenario: XenDesktop Login Times

Does your organization rely on Citrix performing quickly and reliably? Are you sick of hearing complaints about slow login times?

Take a minute to explore how to solve XenDesktop latency using wire data analytics. The ExtraHop demo includes real-world data, interactive dashboards, and much more!

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Revamp your Workflow

Revamping Your Workflow for 2017?

A new year brings new goals, new expectations, and (naturally) new stresses to keep you up at night. ExtraHop has a framework for dealing with all this change, and we think it'll help you, too!

Read on for tips on easily weeding out the pieces of your workflow that are holding you back, which IT resolutions to prioritize, and more.

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ExtraHop in Action

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