March 2017
Gartner Magic Quadrant

ExtraHop's Vision: The Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant & Beyond

We placed furthest to the right for completeness of vision in the 2017 Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant, but that's just the beginning.

Real-time IT analytics with wire data gives you instant, unbiased insight across every aspect of your environment. We can't wait to bring you along!

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Meet Addy

Meet Addy: Anomaly Detection Made Easy!

What do you get when you apply machine learning to wire data analytics? A whole lot more free time, for one.

ExtraHop Addy, the first cloud-based machine learning service for wire data, is the eyes and ears for IT. Always on, always learning, Addy finds the signal in the noise so you can focus on problems that matter!

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Addy Webinar

How does Addy help Washington State work smarter?

On Thursday, March 2nd, see how Addy surfaces key insights and cuts back on alert fatigue for the State of Washington!

Join the live webinar with Washington State Enterprise Systems Specialist David Johnson, as well as our very own Senior Director of Product Management Paul Sanford and Director of Product Marketing Isaac Roybal.

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Machine Learning Hope or Hype

Machine Learning: Hope or Hype?

How will machine learning impact your job? Which IT roles would benefit the most from smarter IT automation? How soon will robots take over the world?

We asked your fellow IT pros, and the answers weren't quite what we expected!

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CIO Perspective on Addy

A CIO's Perspective on ExtraHop Addy

What does Addy really do for IT departments, without the flash and marketing buzzwords? ExtraHop CIO John Matthews puts it all on the table.

Here's a sneak peek:

“Addy allows IT departments to separate the wheat from the chaff like nothing I've ever seen.”

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Move from Survive to Thrive

The cloud. IoT. Software-defined everything. No matter your role, enterprise IT has undergone a radical shift over the last 10 years...

But these days you don't have to pick two out of three when it comes to “provide a great digital experience,” “be data-driven,” and “maintain sanity.” Find out how!

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Podcast: Pushing Packets to New Heights

Like techy podcasts? What about being data-driven without a ton of extra effort?

Enjoy the best of both worlds by listening to ExtraHop CTO Jesse Rothstein talk packets, IT analytics, and real-time visibility over at the Packet Pushers Weekly Show!

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ExtraHop in Action

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Good Reads

Gartner's Real-Time Health Vision

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Threat Intelligence with OctoBlu + ExtraHop


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