April 2017
Addy Robot

Let's Play ExtraHop Addy

You're on our mailing list, so you've probably heard about ExtraHop Addy—the world's first machine learning service for wire data. But how about seeing Addy in action?

Join us for a live webinar on April 11th and we'll give you a demo of Addy's features and capabilities, with time for Q&A!

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ServiceNow Partnership

ServiceNow + ExtraHop = :)

Are you a ServiceNow user? If so, rejoice! Our new integration means you can use your ServiceNow interface to manage ExtraHop alerts and tickets.

That includes automatic ticket generation from ExtraHop to ServiceNow, the power to investigate incidents right down to the transaction details, and more!

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HIMSS trends

HIMSS 2017: Healthcare Trends & Plans

Precision medicine. Predictive analysis. Machine learning. You know the big IT buzzwords of 2017, but do you know how your peers plan to make them a reality?

Read our post-HIMSS debrief to find out!

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Head in the Cloud

Got Your Head in the Cloud(s)?

Public cloud migration can be dangerous because you're entrusting your infrastructure to something you can't easily monitor yourself. Or can't you?

The Azure cloud has just taken a major step towards fixing this problem, and guess what? It involves wire data. Why are we not surprised?

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Stop attacks

Know Your Network, Know Your Adversary

System log monitoring and intrusion detection systems aren't going to stop you from being hacked.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) shared a few interesting ideas about why traditional security systems are failing modern IT, how policy needs to change, and what kinds of tools will help.

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This Video Will Make You Smarter

Ever heard the theory of data gravity? If you analyze big data sets in the cloud, we guarantee this theory has caused you problems.

5 minutes and a light board will show you what data gravity means and one way you can work around it!

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ExtraHop in Action

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Good Reads

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