June 2017
NPMD Respond to Security

Speed Up Threat Response with NPMD

Align IT operations with security teams to rapidly investigate breaches, hunt threats, and recover lost data—it's the analytics-first advantage!

Gartner shows you how in their new report: "Network Performance Monitoring Tools Can Play a Critical Role in Responding to Security Breaches."

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Security Experts Talk Ransomware

You've read all the think pieces; you know what WannaCry is. But have you heard straight from security analytics pros who know how to stop the next crisis?

Learn how ExtraHop detects ransomware, and what attacks like WannaCry mean for your future.

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Ransomware Security
Good Cyber Security

Why Is Good Cyber Security So Rare?

We live in a digital era, and yet many businesses have no preventive controls, poor employee awareness, and a limited ability to respond to a breach.

451 Research takes a look at why this is the case—and what we can realistically do to fix it.

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How ExtraHop Saves Hospitals

ExtraHop is an IT analytics company at heart, but more and more users also find our security analytics invaluable.

Take a look at one Healthcare provider's story, and see this whole ransomware prevention thing in action—way back in 2016!

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Saving Hospitals
IT Super Heroes

Speaking of Protecting Hospitals… You Can, Too!

Join us for a live webinar on the 15th: Protect Your Hospital, Protect Your Patients!

We'll dive into Health IT Security to talk ransomware and how to defend against the vulnerabilities you probably haven't noticed yet.

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Medical Device Hacks = Worse Than WannaCry

Healthcare is a hotbed for cyber vulnerabilities. Systems hacks are bad, but imagine your pacemaker being hacked...

Stay informed with this article from the Harvard Business Review, and don’t forget to sign up for ExtraHop’s Health Security webinar above!

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ExtraHop in Action

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Good Reads

WannaCry: A Debriefing w/ Tom Roeh

Accolade Wins at SIEM with ExtraHop

Know Your Network, Know Your Adversary


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