July 2017
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The Network: Sherpa for the Growing IT Enterprise

Network traffic analysis is the only way to keep a continuous eye on applications, servers, and systems during a datacenter migration.

Learn how one company used the network to decrease troubleshooting time and cost by 85% during a post-acquisition migration!

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Hold Vendors Accountable

Hold Third Party Vendors Accountable (Finally)

The network isn’t just for passive monitoring. ExtraHop gives you hard evidence to hold vendors accountable for their performance promises.

You’ve already got the data source. This webinar will help you put it to work!

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Ransomware Dashboard

Network Security Analytics: The Analyst Perspective

The cyber security world already uses NPMD for forensic investigation after a breach, but what about stopping threats before they succeed?

Join ExtraHop and analysts from Enterprise Strategy Group as we dive into network analytics for proactive cyber security!

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Cisco Partnership

ExtraHop + Cisco Tetration = Way More Control

From detecting brute force logins to quickly enforcing firewalls, this new integration takes “rapid security response” to a whole new level.

Tetration and ExtraHop combine for full-stack visibility, real-time network behavior analysis, and a far more streamlined security workflow!

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Ransomware Alert: SOREBRECT

This latest strain of ransomware has cyber security professionals on red alert.

Read on to learn what SOREBRECT is, as well as our top 3 steps you can take right now to protect your organization from a future attack!

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Faster, Smarter, More Data-Driven: The DDI Story

“To be frank, this project would have sucked without ExtraHop.”

Learn why global HR consultancy Developmental Dimensions International (DDI) now uses real-time analytics from ExtraHop to future-proof their IT operations!

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ExtraHop in Action

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