August 2017
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Threat Visibility for Cyber Hunters

ExtraHop can surface abnormal behavior on your network, making it an excellent resource for passive monitoring. But what about threats that make it through?

Some companies are choosing to proactively ‘hunt’ down threats that have evaded their perimeter defenses, and the results are showing.

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Microphone at VMworld

Next Stop, VMworld!

ExtraHop will be in Las Vegas this August for VMworld. We hope to see you there!

ExtraHop gives you unmatched insight into your VMware environment by using real-time stream analytics to transform raw packets into structured wire data. Stop by our booth for a demonstration!

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Threats in the Cloud

4 Considerations Before Moving to Cloud

Migrating your network to the Cloud is inevitable, but there are some important factors to consider before you jump in. Here are four key considerations to becoming Cloud-based, and how you can make it a smoother transition.

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End Blame Game

End the IT Blame Game

How does ExtraHop help you identify the root cause of your IT problems in real time? This webinar explains how full visibility into your network—as well as anomaly detection provided by machine learning—will help you solve friction in the IT department before it starts.

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5 Ls

“The Five Ls” for Troubleshooting Citrix Performance Issues

Launches, Log-on Time, Load Times, Latency, and ChanneLs: these five key metrics characterize the performance of your Citrix environment.

Keeping track of these L’s will help you utilize Citrix to its full potential and make performance issues a thing of the past.

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Digital Forensic Diaries: Q&A

It’s elementary, my dear! Inspired by real cyber crime investigations, the stories in Digital Forensic Diaries stand apart for their accuracy as well as their dry British wit.

We sat down with author Mike Sheward to ask about his inspiration and how ExtraHop enables digital forensics.

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ExtraHop in Action

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