September 2017
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Gartner: The Fast-Evolving State of Security Analytics

"Advanced analytics using machine learning, especially for detection, have been lacking in the world of enterprise security until the past few years, when organizations realized their security systems were struggling, if not failing, to stop the onslaught of breaches."*

In this report, Gartner examines the current state of the security solution market and the factors leading to the growing demand for security analytics.

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*Avivah Litan, Toby Bussa, Eric Ahlm, "The Fast-Evolving State of Security Analytics," August 9, 2017

Addy helps your IT brainpower

Addy is Advancing the IT Industry!

The EMA Innovator Awards recognize true innovation in the IT industry, and ExtraHop Addy is the winner for 2017!

Addy, machine learning for the network, learns the normal behavior of your devices, networks, and applications in order to surface anomalies. Here’s how Addy is changing the game in IT network operations.

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Hunting for threats

Hunter or Hunted … Which Would You Rather Be?

What if you could reduce downtime by proactively seeking out threats, rather than reacting once the damage is done?

While proactive threat hunting might seem like an overwhelmingly ambitious goal right now, there are small steps you can take to become more aggressive in your security. Here’s how to turn the tables and avoid becoming the most dangerous game.

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Look beyond the wall, Jon Snow

Look Past the Perimeter to Find your Best Defense

If perimeter defenses were adequate, attacks wouldn’t get past them. The fact that they do means it’s time to rethink security, whether you’re a large multinational organization or a startup.

Join Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and security influencer Byron Acohido in conversation with our very own CTO and co-founder, Jesse Rothstein, on the changing nature of security.

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Keys to the kingdom

What is Perfect Forward Secrecy?

... And why should you care?

Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) encryption is a no brainer in terms of security, but it can complicate visibility for IT operations and make troubleshooting network slowdowns much more difficult. How do you balance security with accessibility?

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Data-Driven IT: How Do You Stack Up?

We polled over 100 senior level systems applications and infrastructure executives from a wide variety of industries on what they hope to gain from a more data-driven IT department, and whether or not they really have that competitive edge.

We compiled our findings into this data-rich infographic. Click to see how you stack up!

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