January 2018

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New Gartner Report

He Who Controls the Tools Controls the IT Dept

Historical divisions within IT are leading to unnecessary- and costly- inefficiencies. What’s the best way to update your workflow and ensure each team has the necessary tools for their job?

The latest Gartner Report, "Align NetOps and SecOps Tool Objectives With Shared Use Cases," offers actionable strategies for sharing tools across a collaborative and interconnected IT department. The Data Must Flow.

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The Future of NPM

The old way of managing network performance is not sustainable.  Our analytics-first approach ushers NPM into the future, with solutions that scale with your IT operations.

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How to Defeat Dwell Time & Retain Security Talent

Sharing relevant data across siloed teams and sprawling technologies causes unneeded friction and headaches, while a constant barrage of alerts makes it difficult to prioritize threats. All of these factors lead to burnout. 

One way to fix this is by ‘flipping the funnel,’ or rethinking where your security team begins investigation. In this new white paper by Josh Goldfarb, you’ll find the strategies you need to defeat dwell time, retain talent, and improve your security mindset.

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We Need to Talk About Dwell Time

The average dwell time of a threat in a corporate environment is 99 days. It’s the dirty secret of the security world, but it’s past time to acknowledge that perimeter security, for whatever reason, is no longer enough. What can be done? Read on to find out. 


How to Maintain Visibility On and Off the Cloud

Concerned about visibility in the Cloud? IDC Research Director Brad Casemore and ExtraHop’s Director of Solutions Architecture Eric Thomas will give you the forecast on how to utilize your network, the common thread between all of your applications, as a resource for real-time visibility in the Cloud.

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