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ExtraHop Reveal(x) Changes the (Security) Game

There's a new security offering in town. On January 30th, ExtraHop unveiled our answer to alert fatigue and limited visibility: ExtraHop Reveal(x).

Pairing advanced behavioral analytics with unprecedented internal visibility, ExtraHop Reveal(x) allows you to:
  • Auto-discover and classify every network asset
  • Prioritize critical assets for deep analytics and SSL/PFS decryption
  • Detect suspicious traffic with advanced AI that only surfaces real anomalies
  • Automate threat response using integrations with SIEM and other platforms

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Silence Your Alert Cannons

Better data leads to better outcomes.
In this blog, Matt Cauthorn, our VP of Sales Engineering, explains how rethinking key parts of your security strategy will protect you against modern threats.

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Work backwards for a better workflow

Is Your Security Workflow Backwards?

What if you went to the supermarket, bought one of every item the store carried, paid for it all, searched through the items you purchased for the items you actually need, and subsequently returned the remaining items to the store?” It sounds ridiculous, but this is still how many companies treat security alerts. Our resident advisor Josh Goldfarb gives his two cents on optimizing your security strategy in this piece for DarkReading.

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Detecting Ransomware

Protect your enterprise on all fronts

Detect And Stop Ransomware With This Approach

To proactively identify and control ransomware, organizations don't just need to control the perimeter (north-south traffic), they need real-time visibility into communications within their networks (east-west traffic). 

This white paper offers observations and tested methods on how ExtraHop can effectively neutralize ransomware. From this paper, you'll learn:
  • Why observing behavior inside the network is more effective than signature-based methods for ransomware detection
  • How real customers utilized ExtraHop to quickly isolate compromised systems
  • How to prevent future attacks by identifying which client received the malicious file and isolating compromised IP addresses 

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