April 2018

Data Driven

SecOps' Best Tool Is The Network

451's Take On ExtraHop Reveal(x)

ExtraHop Reveal(x) security analytics has only just joined the market, but according to this 451 Research report, the powerful combination of cloud-based machine learning, decryption capabilities, and the immediacy of wire data have already positioned Reveal(x) to overtake major industry players. 

For an overview of the current state of the cybersecurity market, major challenges, strategic partnerships, and exact advantages Reveal(x) has over the competition, download your own complimentary copy of the full SWOT Analysis below.

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What TLS 1.3 Means For You

The IETF recently approved the TLS 1.3 standard, which requires forward secrecy encryption. This webinar will explain what this means for enterprise visibility and give you an overview of ExtraHop's novel traffic decryption method.

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Detecting Ransomware

customer spotlight

How Medilink Thwarted a Ransomware Attack in Progress

Ransomware attacks, especially against large healthcare organizations, continue to make headlines in 2018. It's no surprise that network security remains firmly at the top of the priority list. 

Hear Esther Go, the CEO of Medilink, describe how ExtraHop changed their security positioning—and even found a ransomware attack during the proof-of-concept. 

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The frontline of threat hunting

Why You Need East-West L7 Visibility

Not all heroes wear capes.
Our own intrepid trainer, Cal Jewell, shares his experience with a customer training that turned into a real life demonstration of the importance of East-West L7 visibility in network security.
Details have been changed to protect the innocent.

Real-time cyber attack detection

From Russia With ILOVEYOU

On March 15th, US-CERT issued a warning about Russian cyber activity targeting critical US infrastructures with outdated Industrial Control Systems.
Luckily, you don't need Bond-level gear to fight these threats; here's why ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a better tool than anything Q has up his sleeve.

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Data. Wire Data.

Extrahop & Wikibon webinar 

Machine Learning For Infrastructure Management

The data stored in your IT infrastructure can be the greatest source of accurate and timely insight you have, but automating that intelligence can quickly become a Sisyphean task. That's where machine learning comes in. Join ExtraHop and Wikibon for a joint webinar that explores the continuously expanding opportunities available in machine learning. 

We will discuss how to: 
  • Derive data-driven insights in support of root cause analysis
  • Manage and delegate workload, performance monitoring, and key operational tasks
  • Handle the ever-increasing scale of infrastructure and operational data

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What's Next?

April 3 - 10
SANS 2018 
Orlando, FL, USA

APRIL 16 - 20
RSA Conference 2018
San Francisco, CA

April 30 - May 4
Interop ITX 2018
Las Vegas, NV, USA

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