June 2018

Data Driven

Protecting Against Ransomware

Experts In Conversation At Infosecurity Europe

In the aftermath of some of the biggest ransomware attacks like Wannacry and NotPetya, what can organizations learn about enterprise security? And even more importantly... How can they prepare themselves for the next big attack?

Top industry experts covered these and other questions, including: 
  • Growing trends in ransomware attacks 
  • The most effective ways to protect your data from a ransomware attack 
  • How to foster a stronger security culture in your enterprise
 Click here to hear the answers from the experts (including ExtraHop’s very own CCO and Co-Founder, Raja Mukerji!) streamed from the Infosecurity Europe conference in London.

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White Paper

Threat Visibility For Cyber Hunters

Threat hunting is the best defense against sophisticated adversaries. For the more advanced SOC, automating detection and improving the granularity of information collected can accompany your existing security plans, leading to faster, more effective outcomes.
This white paper will focus on two complementary strategies: automated threat detection and active threat hunting.
Get your copy to learn more. 

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Detecting Ransomware

New video series

Clouded Judgment Part III: State of The Cloud Address

In this ongoing series on the cloud, our Director of Cloud Products Eric Thomas explains the long-term nuances of public cloud adoption, what tools you can expect from the next generation of infrastructure, and a little bit of our local Seattle tradition. Stay posted for video #4!

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Encryption? In My Enterprise?

How To Ensure SecOps Has Visibility—Even With Encryption

The first step to security is visibility; it's hard to protect what you can't see. To some degree, network security is a matter of maintaining visibility of your assets while hiding them from others. With encryption on the rise (91% of all traffic in the US this year was encrypted, according to Google) where does that leave SecOps teams, protecting assets they can't see? 

In this multi-part series, our security experts will assess the growing challenge of encryption inside the enterprise. 

If you're intent on networking...

Intent Based Networking & SD-Branch Evolution In Digital Transformation

Since cloud and hybrid networks are the new norm, how do enterprises already experiencing challenges around WAN, SD WAN, and SD Branch rise above the added IT and network complexity?

At Interop ITX this year, IDC kindly shared their crystal ball with us, and one solution in particular jumped out—intent based networking. Read our blog for an explanation and more predictions from the IDC on the future of scalability.

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101 days of dwell on the wall

Dwell Time Is On The Rise 

Dwell time is the problem child in security, but as the amount of time bad actors go undetected in your environment, it's an important metric to keep track of. This year the average dwell time has gone up to 101 days–3 more than 2017.
Read this blog for ideas on how to lower your dwell time by expanding your prevention-based security programs.

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Detecting Ransomware

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Upcoming Webinar: Supercharge Your SOC

Turn your network—an objective source of truth—into the greatest SOC tool in your arsenal. 
Join Barbara Kay, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing at ExtraHop, and Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, for a conversation on new strategies that supercharge your SOC!
Live online June 27th at 10:00 AM PST.

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