July 2018

Data Driven

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Your Copy of the IDC Snapshot

IDC has spent the last several months gathering insight into ExtraHop’s real world ROI. The deep dive report will be available later this summer, but for now, we’ll let these numbers speak for themselves!

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Packets don't lie

Getting To A Proactive (Not Reactive!) SOC: A Webinar With ExtraHop and ISC(2)

Network Traffic Analytics offer a whole new world of proactive security: instead of waiting to respond to incidents and anomalies, SecOps teams are using the network for proactive measures like threat hunting and auditing encryption. 
Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 for a joint webinar on August 2, 2018 at 1:00PM on how to make the most of Network Traffic Analytics.

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Detecting Ransomware

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What's New In Our Summer Update

The ExtraHop Reveal(x) Summer 2018 release introduces new compelling features that will deliver unprecedented visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers. 

Join this webinar to learn about: 
  • New ways of visualizing threats, including risk scores and headlines
  • Threat feed integration with your wire data
  • “Need to know” decryption that respects privacy requirements
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network traffic analytics & you

Get Ready to Rock Your SOC(s) Off!

According to Gartner, Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) is "... an emerging category of security product that uses network communications as the foundational data source for detecting and investigating security threats and anomalous or malicious behaviors within that network."

What does this acronym mean for you (besides a hot new buzzword)? This blog will explain why it's worth your time to get familiar with NTA.

What's in a normal soc?

What's Going On In The SOC Next Door?

How are your peers staffing their SOCs? What role is cloud-based services playing in augmenting the workload? This webinar, based on response to a survey from SANS, will explore what your peers are doing to ensure an efficient and effective SOC—and give you a jumping off point for your own ideas.

Our Senior Director of Security, Barbara Kay, will be presenting alongside SANS speakers.  

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the new shadow it

How To Get Safe, Smart, & Secure On AWS 

Let's start with the bad news: In 2017, the number of publicly disclosed data breaches reached a new high—not a record anyone wants to break. Now for the worse news: the majority of exposed records in 2017 didn’t even come from data breaches. Instead, the cause was mishandled or misconfigured services, like Amazon Simple Storage Service. 
 So what’s the good news? ExtraHop has some solutions. This blog will tell you more. 

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What's Next?

July 19
Captive Eight Portland
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JUly 25 - 27
RSA Conference AP & Japan

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